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About UDISE+

Timely and accurate data is the basis of sound and effective planning and decision-making. Towards this end, the establishment of a well-functioning and Sustainable Educational Management Information System is of utmost importance today.

Unified District Information System for Education (UDISE) initiated in 2012-13 integrating DISE for elementary education and SEMIS for secondary education is one of the largest Management Information Systems on School Education covering more than 1.5 million schools, 8.5 million teachers and 250 million children.

UDISE+ (UDISE plus) is an updated and improved version of UDISE. The entire system will be online and will gradually move towards collecting data in real time. Data from 2018-19 will be collected through this software.

It will improve the quality and credibility of the data provided thereby making it analysis more robust and accurate . With the introduction of this system it will be easier for the States and UTs to monitor the progress of the schools and to reduce the time taken in data collection and analysis.

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The new software, besides online data collection, has the following additional features:

udise plus dashboard


  • Stakeholders can access and analyze information to make evidence based decisions.
  • Monitor and measure performance in real time.
  • Visualization and presentation of complex data in a simple form.
  • Standard as well as query based reports and comparative charts.
  • Cross-sectional analysis of data to study the relationship among factors affecting enrolment.
udise plus GIS

GIS Mapping

  • Exact geographic location of schools with Latitude & Longitude.
  • Base map services like street maps, and high resolution satellite images will be available for better understanding of the topography/ terrain of the school locations.
  • Financial assistance to schools, Non-governmental assistance received by school.
  • School Report Cards giving information such as school category, management, infrastructure, enrolment, incentives given to students, pupil-teacher ratio, student-classroom ratio etc will be generated and will be linked to photos of the school.
udise plus Third Party Verification

Third Party Verification

  • Sample verification by officers of Department of School Education & Literacy, MoE and its attached offices, State Departments of Education, SCERTs,District and Block level officers etc. on identified indicators which will be compared with the data received through the UDISE+ software.
  • A mobile app will also be developed for this purpose.

Expected Outcomes

  • Real time and quality data
  • Data analytics to identify factors affecting school performance in terms of enrolment, retention etc.
  • Time series data to study the trend over years and monitor improvement/growth
  • Track Key Performance Indicators
  • School and teacher rationalisation